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The Power of Automation: Nemak Achieves 54% Growth in Hourly Hires


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Nemak is an automotive parts manufacturer and is among the 60 largest auto industry suppliers worldwide. Nemak is known for specializing in lightweight aluminum components for e-mobility, structure and chassis, and ICE powertrain applications. This global leader has more than 36 manufacturing plants and over 21,000 employees across 16 countries. The multi-billion dollar company’s client roster includes exclusive brands like Porche, Audi, BMW, and Land Rover. 


Nemak’s growth and expansion brought about opportunities as well as struggles. One of their primary challenges was keeping their plants fully staffed. Like many high-volume recruiters, it seemed impossible to find and hire at the rate required. Additionally, Nemak’s employer brand was weakening as the limited recruiting resources kept them from being able to consistently follow up with each applicant. This led to top talent slipping through the cracks and a smaller candidate pool.

"Our goal was to contact 100% of applicants so that we would stop losing interested candidates and increase our overall number of successful hires." Arturo Ramos, Attraction and Onboarding leader at Nemak

And, if it wasn’t hard enough to fill the open positions with the existing candidates in the market, the rise of nearshoring in Mexico will continue to add pressure. The entrance of other frontline employers will increase competition by giving candidates more employment opportunities. 

Nemak partnered with Emi because it faced the following challenges:

  • Delays in applicant follow-up, leading to loss of candidates and a shrinking of the candidate pool
  • Spending too much time on candidate screening at the expense of other higher-value tasks
  • Relying on manual hiring processes that were not consistently efficient or effective
  • Increased competition for top frontline talent


Nemak needed a better long-term solution than cumbersome, multi-step application forms to engage and attract frontline candidates. These manual processes were not only painful for the individuals applying for jobs but also challenging for the talent acquisition team to screen and sift through the applications. So, Nemak adopted Emi, the frontline recruitment automation platform, to simplify and accelerate their processes.

By utilizing Emi’s responsive AI chatbot, Nemak was able to follow up with 100% of candidates. And applicants were able to get their questions answered 24/7 instead of having to wait for normal business hours. In the first half of 2023, Nemak was able to hire 54% more new employees than the previous year by utilizing Emi.

Additionally, the time the talent acquisition team spent on candidate screening was recouped and invested in high-value tasks like 1-1 candidate interviews and employer brand building.

Finally, Nemak’s simplified hiring process meant the team was able to reallocate funds that were going toward outsourcing, reducing these expenses by 75%. The team was able to focus on the most valuable channels instead of attempting to diversify across all media.


Nemak experienced the following results after leveraging AI and recruitment automation:

Rebranding as a responsive frontline recruiting organization

Following up with applicants was a near-impossible task for Nemak’s recruiting team before they adopted Emi. Open requisitions received hundreds of applications at a time, and the talent acquisition department was drowning in hours of manual tasks attempting to review them. Now, with Emi’s responsive AI chatbot and intelligent, bias-free screening, Nemak’s TA team can dedicate their time to more strategic efforts.

Reaching candidates where they are whenever they need

Nemak had long relied on traditional recruiting methods, which left recruiters feeling burnt out and as if they were constantly filling a leaky bucket. With Emi, recruiters no longer worry about candidates receiving a timely response. An answer is now just a text message, WhatsApp message, or Messenger chat away for applicants.

Combatting increased competition in the frontline employer market

Nemak’s candidate experience was once overly long and tedious, now, job seekers are able to apply through their mobile device, without having to worry about creating an unnecessary resume. Improving the candidate experience gives Nemak an upper hand when going head-to-head with new competitors for frontline talent.