Unlock insights across your entire hiring process

Emi’s analytics dashboard make it easy for your team to evaluate your hiring process's performance in one place.
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Emi’s analytics help improve the hiring process

Custom recruiting dashboards

Easily keep track of the metrics most critical to your team

Real-time hiring

Swiftly make improvements to open roles and make the right decisions

Unified metrics and analytics

Consolidate data sources to get a single view of all your hiring process

Get visibility into your hiring process with custom dashboards

Showcase insights on your hiring processes in a way that’s easily shareable with stakeholders and doesn’t require jumping between data sources.
Emi provides dashboards to make it easier for companies to understand their high-volume hiring funnels
With Emi, recruiters can understand which source leads to the highest volume of applicants

Identify your most effective sourcing streams and channels

Make the right investments by understanding which sources lead to the highest volume of applicants and which result in the best quality of candidates.

Evaluate the efficiency of recruiters and hiring managers

Gain visibility into the performance of individual members of your hiring team, including interview metrics and task completion.
Emi evaluates the efficiency of recruiters and hiring managers
Candidates and hiring teams move the hiring process forward directly on their phones



Set new hires up
for success
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Emi works where your
team already works
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Emi works with your existing HR tech stack to keep all your data synced across systems

Use real numbers to drive your hiring strategy

See how Emi’s custom hiring analytics and dashboards help hiring teams make more intelligent decisions in real-time.
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Emi’s dashboards help companies and hiring teams understand their high-volume hiring process