Hire better frontline workers, faster

Hiring distribution, production, and retail positions was manual and messy, until now. Emi automates communication and time-consuming activities via chat and Machine Learning.
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I love Emi! It's a flexible and intuitive platform that helped us completely transform our hiring process for frontline workers.’
Carla Ramirez
HR Transformation Lead

Trusted by global enterprises

Thousands of frontline workers are hired in a more efficient and candidate-centric way through Emi

No candidates left behind.

Meet candidates where they are: on chat-based applications. Designed for frontline applicants of distribution, production, or retail positions, Emi engages instantly with them, increasing your sourcing efficiency and unlocking new channels to attract more candidates.
‘You need to implement technology that helps you reach these associates. Emi was definitely able to do that and is successful at it.'
Tom Lisowski
Talent Acquisition Manager

Identify the best candidates and schedule interviews immediately.

While engaging candidates in a meaningful and rich conversation, screen candidates automatically using Machine Learning algorithms and schedule multiple interviews immediately.
‘We hire candidates in less than four days, from application to hire. Emi screens candidates and coordinates between multiple stakeholders, including store managers!’
Betty Sotres
Head of Talent Management

Improve your output by making data-driven decisions.

Don't know how well hiring processes are working on each of your facilities nationwide? Or what is the ROI of the candidate sources your Team is using? Or how much are candidates liking the hiring experience? With Emi, you will.
‘We use Emi to hire manufacturing and distribution roles. I highly recommend Emi to any company.’
Magaly Alanis
Talent Acquisition Manager

Designed for candidates.

Our focus on frontline positions allows us to design a truly differentiated, accessible, and diverse experience where the candidate is the center. If you’ve been struggling with implementing technology in high-volume processes, Emi can be a game-changer.
‘We didn’t sacrifice the candidate experience despite efficiencies. The candidate’s application experience improved. They rate the experience 4.7/5.‘
Javier Lozano
Talent Acquisition Manager

Integrates seamlessly with your current setup

Your team won’t need to handle multiple tools. It all works integrated. You will finally have a platform designed to boost your hiring process from end to end.

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See how Emi is helping global players hire frontline workers.
Imperfect Foods
Imperfect Foods doubles the number of offers made while reducing 50% the time to hire
Burger King
Burger King reduces 30% its time to hire and improves candidate experience
Sigma goes HR-digital and reduces 20% turnover using Emi
Danone takes control of its hiring process using Emi
7-Eleven shifts to centralized HR operations with Emi