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Redefining frontline recruitment

Emi empowers hiring teams to automate recruiting processes without losing the human touch. The largest global brands trust Emi to automatically screen thousands of applications, streamline the interviewing process, and personalize every interaction for an empathy-first candidate experience.
Emi Labs connects the top frontline workers candidates with recruiting teams.

Our mission is to increase frontline workers'
access to professional opportunities.

Emi’s mission is to help frontline workers increase their access to professional opportunities

Our story

Frontline workers make up 80% of the working population in industries like retail, restaurants, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation. They are the lifeblood of the global economy, et proper infrastructure for them to seek professional opportunities is virtually non-existent, and most talent acquisition tools are only designed for HR professionals who support desk jobs.

We created Emi because we believe it’s time that recruiting software address the real struggles these industries are facing. We want to build a world where frontline workers have access to tools to help them grow and thrive. With Emi, we’re putting the frontline at the forefront.
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Our values

People driven

We work with a strong sense of ethics and everyone in our team has a voice.

Humble learners

We strive to listen and learn from one another and challenge the status quo.

We act with focus

We believe small steps lead to a big vision and results matter more than ideas.

Proactive ownership

We take ownership of our work and challenge how we can improve our output.

Our team

Our team is passionate about empowering frontline workers and hiring teams. We work together across the U.S. and LATAM to help people find better jobs and create efficiencies in high-volume hiring.
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