Our Mission

Increase Frontline Workers’ access to professional opportunities.
the Candidate

It all started with the Candidate.

For us, it all started on the Candidate side, while we were working at an NGO that focused on problems faced by low-income populations. There, we built a tool to help them create a resume and send it to companies. Later on, we realized that companies needed to eliminate inefficiencies on their hiring processes (and by doing so, we also helped candidates). For example, reducing the hiring cycle time is not only good for the company, but also helps a person get a job faster!

If you want to learn more about our view of the world and how we want the future to look, check our Manifesto here.

Our values.

  • People Driven
  • Humble Learners
  • Proactive Ownership
  • We act with focus

Our team.

We are a mission-driven team distributed over the USA, Mexico, and Argentina. We work aligned to our mission as one.
Your Security won’t need to worry since we are going through SOC-2 certification and X, Y, Z
ATS and HRIS integrations
You are probably struggling when trying to make candidates or recruiters in the field use your ATS. You won’t need to replace it. Emi integrates with all your platforms, but you’ll stop losing candidates and have your data synced everywhere. Your team will recover time previously spent on data entry or ATS workflows.
Integrations with calendars
Frontline candidates don’t use calendars (or even mail sometimes!), but your team does. Emi will manage calendar invites for your team while dealing with the back and forth with candidates via chat.
Background Checks & Others
Suppose background checks or dealing with other 3rd party tools are becoming a bottleneck. In that case, Emi can integrate to automate the communication process with the candidate and information sharing even across external vendors that you may be using.

Explore case studies

See how Emi has helped global players hire frontline workers in the new normal.
Imperfect Foods
Imperfect Foods doubles the number of offers made while reducing 50% the time to hire
Burger King
Burger King reduces 30% its time to hire and improves candidate experience
Sigma goes HR-digital and reduces 20% turnover using Emi
Danone takes control of its hiring process using Emi
7-Eleven shifts to centralized HR operations with Emi