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Recruit top talent with a frictionless candidate experience

Transform repetitive, time-consuming applications into simple, engaging conversations with Emi's mobile-first recruiting automation platform
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Emi is a mobile-first recruiting automation platform for frontline hiring

Reach candidates where they are

Deliver a mobile-optimized application process and instantly engage with candidates

Increase your candidate pool

Make it easier for frontline candidates to find and apply to open positions

Boost application completion rates

Decrease application abandonment rate by streamlining the process

Make it easy for candidates to find jobs where they are

Emi enables candidates to find and apply to new roles in the digital and physical places they already are and streamlines conversations with passive candidates.
Custom social media links
QR codes and text-to-apply
Candidate referral programs
Branded career pages
Outreach to custom databases
Candidates can complete every step of the hiring process from their phone
With Emi, candidates can apply for jobs via SMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Make applying as simple as sending a text or chat message

Remove the need for formal resumes and allow candidates to apply via via SMS and popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

Personalize experiences to put candidates first

Begin building relationships with candidates from the moment they apply and deliver engaging conversations in their preferred language.
Emi engages in personal chat with each candidate
Emi automatically ranks each candidate to help teams automatically find the best candidates



Fully automate profile screening and scoring
Attract top talent on the frontline
See how Emi can help you personalize every interaction for a quality candidate experience.
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Emi delivers a superior candidate experience by using mobile communications channels