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THB Pizza Franchise Saves 2,750 Recruiter Hours with 100% Automated Interview Scheduling


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Team Honey Badger (THB), a franchisee of Domino’s Pizza, has over 138 stores across 10 states. Even with their broad reach, THB truly prides itself on being people-focused. The company’s mission is to “Deliver world-class service by becoming the #1 employer of choice in the neighborhoods we serve.” 

THB business relies on fast, efficient frontline hiring and prioritizes getting the best people in its stores as its competitive edge. 


Team Honey Badger has long been dedicated to matching frontline talent with each of their stores. They are dedicated to being a team that is “always hiring” and choose to interview every applicant to ensure all stores are fully staffed. Their commitment to these values necessarily produces a high level of involvement for their HR team. 

Knowing that they needed to find a better way to manage the hiring process, they attempted to use various HR and scheduling tools. But, the team still found they spent much of their time on candidate communication and interview scheduling. With the rapid growth THB has seen over the last few years, the increase in candidate volume made these inefficiencies more pronounced and made maintaining a timely, organized hiring system a challenge.

THB needed to find a solution that would help them solve the following challenges:

  • Maintaining their commitment to interview every applicant without burning their recruiting team out in reaching out to over 5,000 applicants per month. And ensuring that the feedback from those interviews was uploaded consistently and in a timely manner.
  • Keeping up with scheduling interviews due to the high volume of applications and store vacancies. This left them scrambling to manage the applicant-to-interviewee transition.
  • Gathering and submitting interview feedback was a consistent pain point for both the recruiting team and hiring managers. Which led to low visibility into what happened post-interview.
  • Improving interview attendance rate. Only 30-40% of applicants approved for an interview showed up to the interview as scheduled.
  • Performing background checks, as these were historically sent manually and were subject to significant delays, causing them to lose candidates they’d invested in.


THB engaged Emi because it was a robust solution for the key pain points that the team was facing. Emi’s 24/7 responsive AI chatbot allows THB candidates to apply at any time from their mobile device and get their key questions answered instantaneously. 

The end-to-end automation provided by Emi meant THB could scalably reach its goal of providing a consistent, reliable communication channel between its recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers–regardless of the time of day that communication happened. 

Emi’s ability to fully automate the interview scheduling process removed the huge burden of scheduling interviews with hundreds of applicants a month–an effort that once fell entirely to the small team of recruiters supporting all 138 stores. Additionally, Emi’s automated interview reminders improved the interview attendance rate to 62%, over a 2X increase in attendance rate prior to the use of the platform.

“We are taking the concept of ‘Always Hiring’ to the next level with Emi. We are moving candidates through the hiring process even in the middle of the night. With Emi, our recruiters have significantly more time to focus on strategic initiatives rather than just operational tasks.” Blake Graves, Director of Real Estate, Team Honey Badger

Another challenge that THB’s recruiters faced was getting timely feedback from hiring managers entered into the system. Now, 15 minutes after the interview ends, Emi asks a hiring manager how the interview went–which creates consistency for the hiring manager in the way they deliver feedback. So far, THB has achieved an 80% feedback upload rate–a metric they expect will increase over time.

Additionally, Emi’s integration with Checkr facilitates automatic background checks. Before Emi, candidates who were approved through the interview process often missed the request for a background check, causing a loss of candidates who, with a passing background check, were ready for hire. Now, less than a minute after a candidate is approved after an interview, Emi sends their background check package through the same mobile chat the individual applied through with 100% accuracy. Then, the platform stores the results directly in the system.


Team Honey Badger is always hiring–regardless of what time it is

One of the biggest changes and best benefits of the Emi platform for THB is that, even while the team is sleeping, Emi can communicate with candidates. This is especially important for individuals who work odd hours and are either just getting off work or on break after normal business hours. With Emi, THB is truly always hiring.

“The most immediately impactful element of Emi was having the system running 24/7. I love that we can just have a QR code out there and be sourcing new candidates! It’s so easy for candidates to be able to apply through their phone, be screened, and schedule an interview right away. It takes so much of the manual work off the hiring team.” Ashley Lamia, Director of Hiring, Team Honey Badger

Interview scheduling is 100% automated, saving over 2,700 hours in recruitment time in just 6 months

Scheduling interviews for hundreds of applicants per month was a monumental task for THB’s hiring team. Their commitment to “Always Hiring” pushed them to innovate and utilize Emi to fully automate interview scheduling. Now, hiring managers simply upload their availability, and candidates select their desired time to interview. Additionally, candidates who need to reschedule or cancel their interview can do so directly through Emi. 

Background checks are delivered minutes after approval with 100% accuracy

After the time and effort put into getting a candidate through the interview process and ready for a background check, THB, like many high-volume hiring organizations, saw dropoff moments before the finish line. Emi’s integration with Checkr ensures that every single approved candidate receives their background check package conveniently through the same chat they applied through. In a single month, THB was able to send nearly 300 background check requests in a single month that were entirely automated–greatly reducing the workload it would have required for the team to manage.

Increase in interview feedback upload rate from 60% to 80% 

The recruiting team lacked visibility into what happened with candidates after they were sent to the hiring manager. They were able to see individuals that advanced, but they didn’t know what happened with those who did not. This left THB’s recruiters in the dark about where things went wrong to address the falloff. With Emi, the hiring managers are asked to upload feedback in a consistent, efficient manner that fits into their daily work, and recruiters know what happens after the candidate handoff