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Eliminate manual screening tasks from your process

Utilize Emi smart rules to identify best-fit candidates and reduce the need for manual resume reviews.
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Emi identifies the best candidates with their automated screening and scoring system

Fully automate candidate screening

Save hours of your recruiting team's time by eliminating manual review steps

Simplify the screening process

Offer candidate-friendly experiences with chat-based screening and skills assessments

Reduce the time to interview candidates

Advance the best candidates with automated, intelligent screening rules

Make recruiting seamless with conversational AI

Emi incorporates intelligent filtering and machine learning models so your team can focus on what matters most and eliminate clunky application processes.
Emi’s AI filters and identifies the best fit candidates
Using AI, Emi identifies and matches the best candidate for open positions

Implement tailored screening criteria for every role

Customize screening profiles at the role level and incorporate chat-based skills assessments into overall screening scores and candidate prioritization.

Match candidates with the best opportunities in real-time

Emi can match candidates with the optimal location based on their preferences, public transportation options, and commuting distances.
Emi matches candidates with the best positions based on preferences, transportation, and commuting distances.
Emi communicates through popular platforms, such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp



Make it easy for candidates
to find jobs where they are



Automate scheduling of all
interview types
Emi makes it easier to schedule meetings between recruiters and candidates
Automatically screen thousands of applications
See how Emi streamlines the hiring process and removes headaches for everyone involved.
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Emi's personalized profile for each candidate