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Interview top talent, faster

Get your team’s time back with Emi’s fully automated interview scheduling, designed for frontline hiring.
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Emi’s automated scheduling tools provide frictionless interview scheduling

Mobile-optimized scheduling

Schedule interviews on-the-go between hiring managers and candidates via SMS and popular messaging apps.

24/7 candidate communication

Keep candidates progressing by automating schedule coordination and interview confirmations.

Increase interview attendance rates

Banish candidate ghosting by sending interview details and reminders directly to hiring manager and candidates’ phones.

Automatically coordinate interviews with all stakeholders

Reduce the time to the first interview by fully automating scheduling between candidates and hiring teams for in-person, virtual, individual, and group interviews.
Meetings between hiring teams and candidates can be automatically scheduled
Candidates receive interview details and reminders directly on their phones.

Make better hiring decisions with less deliberation

Easily request, collect, and share feedback from hiring teams while keeping candidates updated on next steps.

Address bottlenecks in your hiring process

Drastically reduce your time to hire by empowering hiring managers to break away from their desks and complete interview tasks on their phones.
Share interview availability
Confirm interview slots
Provide feedback on candidates
Select or reject candidates
Hiring managers can complete interview tasks from their phones
Emi automatically scores each candidate using intelligent screening rules



Fully automate profile
screening and scoring



Set new hires up
for success
Candidates and hiring teams receive information directly on their phones
Remove the back-and-forth of scheduling
See how Emi can streamline your hiring process and personalize every interaction for a quality candidate experience.
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Emi’s automated interview scheduling tools sync with your team’s calendars