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Why Emi

Putting the frontline at the forefront

Most talent acquisition tools are designed for HR professionals who support desk jobs, while those who support frontline workers are left without solutions that serve their unique needs. We think it’s time that software finally solves for one of the most significant struggles they’re facing—high-volume hiring.

Built for frontline candidates
and hiring teams

Emi enhances the candidate experience and helps brands stand out.
We automate communication and manual, repetitive tasks so your
team can focus on what matters most.

Candidate experience

Personalized interactions that put candidates first

Speak to qualified candidates faster
Instantly engage with companies
Stay up to date throughout the entire process

Hiring team efficiency

Reduce recruiters’ workload and accelerate time-to-hire

Automate screening and interview scheduling
Manage high-scale, decentralized hiring processes
Integrate seamlessly with your existing HR tech stack

Service and flexibility

Partner with an expert team invested in your success

A dedicated partner across your full hiring journey– from
attraction to onboarding, and beyond.


Tailored solutions to fit your specific needs


Data-driven, ongoing guidance and support


Custom training programs for maximum impact
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