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Danone Leverages Automated Hiring Tools to Revamp HR Processes


increase in sourced candidates


increase in candidates hired after first interview


reduction in time to first interview


Paris, France


Food & Beverage

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Danone S.A. is a multinational food products corporation originally founded in Barcelona, Spain. Based in Paris, France, the company sells and distributes products in over 120 local markets while maintaining a vast portfolio of globally recognizable brands. Danone’s mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible sustainably.


As a global foods producer and distributor, a corporation like Danone faces enormous pressure to keep its wheels turning—particularly in light of a global pandemic and massive supply chain interruptions. With such a pressing need for the products it produces and distributes around the world, Danone’s hiring processes need to be fast and seamless.

Previously, Danone relied on five separate staffing agencies to hire 10,000 workers across 80 distribution and production facilities. This operation was extremely costly and full of bottlenecks and technical issues. A few significant pain points included:

  • 85% of sourced candidates came from staffing agencies (rather than HR resources)
  • Fewer than 20% of candidates who came in for interviews went on to be hired
  • 15 days would pass between the initial job posting and first-round interviews
  • 10 days would pass between a first interview and job offer or hiring decision
  • Each distribution site followed separate hiring processes, without any data sharing or transparency between them

Danone’s goal was to reimagine the hiring process to be one fueled internally with reliable HR data. Additionally, Danone placed a high priority on making the process more engaging, user-friendly, and competitive for future job candidates. 

“Our main challenges before working with Emi were how to make a user experience that was fast and easy to use,” says Carla Ramirez, Manager of Technology and Efficiency at Danone. “Sometimes, it would take 15 days or more to connect with candidates.”


From the beginning of working with Emi Labs, it was clear to the team at Danone that they had discovered something innovative. Not only did Emi’s AI-based recruiting platform help eliminate cumbersome staffing agency processes, but it also helped Danone build deeper relationships with candidates and job seekers. 

“From the start of the first chat until we hire a candidate at Danone, we never lose track. We are in close communication with every single prospective candidate. To me, the best thing about Emi is the partnership they provide throughout the process. They help us co-design the best solution, the best platform."

Danone benefits from Emi’s native features like chatbots and interview scheduling capabilities, as well as from Emi’s numerous integrations. These tools make it easy to hire at scale and speed—even in the midst of a challenging global hiring environment and growing frontline worker shortage.


Creating an engaging, high-touch candidate experience

Danone candidates now have access to 24/7 chat via SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Through the use of custom links, communication is initiated on digital channels, including online job boards and social media networks. In offline environments, Danone takes advantage of flyers, QR codes, and plotted distribution trucks to attract candidates to the hiring process from all angles.

Using Emi to automate candidate communication via chat and machine learning enables Danone to deliver an engaging candidate experience while maintaining the efficiency that high-volume hiring demands. Emi’s AI candidate scoring also enables Danone to identify the best candidates and schedule interviews immediately, helping accelerate the hiring process—a vital component of a great candidate experience for frontline and hourly workers.

Reaching job candidates on their terms

With Emi, Danone’s team leverages a chat-based system that opens opportunities for candidates while saving immense time and effort on the part of hiring managers. 

With this chat tool, new job candidates can be pre-screened for different positions in Danone’s distribution centers, assigned to the nearest working facilities according to where they live, and automatically receive psychometric evaluations to complete. Emi’s live, two-way chat capabilities also enable candidates to easily coordinate interviews according to their availability and ask questions about the recruitment process.

With a dynamic employee referral program managed and automated with Emi, Danone can further boost employee morale and retention, increase sourcing efficiency, and ensure it maintains a steady pipeline of new applicants. 

Standardizing recruitment workflows across all hiring hubs

Using Emi, Danone has standardized the recruitment process for its distribution and production facilities spread across Mexico.

Within the Emi platform, recruiters can generate custom links for job boards and social media for candidates to get pre-screened. They can also set up interview slots based on their availability, and Emi will automatically coordinate interviews with candidates. Additionally, Emi helps Danone streamline data collection for walk-in applicants by gathering personal data on-site and automatically adding candidates into the hiring process.

By creating a standardized, consistent recruitment process, Emi Labs helps Danone evaluate candidates more quickly and effectively—while still giving applicants the candidate experience they expect and deserve.

Improving hiring and growth decisions with detailed analytics

By switching to Emi, the Danone team gets live analytics on key data points in the hiring process. This information includes source efficiency, rejection reasons, average hiring cycle time, candidate churn, and fill rate and turnover.

With these insights into talent acquisition trends and recruiting performance, Danone can allocate resources based on real-time data and make future-forward decisions as the company grows and scales. Emi also provides Danone’s HR leadership team with detailed analytic dashboards to compare site performance. With this data, Danone can stay strategic and competitive in an intense global talent market.

Improving key recruitment metrics 

Enlisting Emi’s AI-based recruitment platform to support its high-volume hiring needs, Danone has achieved significant improvements in key hiring metrics—proof that the solution is having a tangible impact on hiring success, the employer brand, and the bottom line. 

Quantitative results the company has achieved with the help of Emi include: 

  • 5x the number of candidates sourced from Danone’s HR team initiatives
  • 150% increase in the number of candidates hired after a first-round interview
  • 80% reduction in the amount of time from job opening to first interview 

"Emi’s flexible and intuitive platform helped us completely transform our hiring process for frontline workers."