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Danone takes control of its hiring process using Emi

Danone S.A. is a multinational food-products corporation based in Paris and founded in Barcelona, Spain. It sold products in over 120 markets and a portfolio that includes brands present worldwide and in local markets. Its mission is to bring health through food to as many people as possible, in a sustainable way.


Danone used 5 different staffing agencies to hire 10,000 workers for their 80 distribution and production facilities. This represented a costly operation which also had several issues such as:


For candidates:

24/7 chat via Whatsapp, FB Messenger and SMS with Emi, integrated to all digital -online job boards & social networks- and offline -flyers, QR codes , plotted distribution trucks- sources of candidates for the Danone team to be able to attract people to their hiring process. Via this chat candidates:

> Are pre-screened for different positions in Danone’s distribution centers

> Get assigned to the nearest working facilities according to where they live

> Are sent automatically to the psychometric evaluations via integration w/emi

> Coordinate interviews with Danone’s site HR team according to their availability

> Get re-assigned if Emi believes there is a better position for them in the different warehouses

> Can ask FAQs about the recruitment process and receive notifications on next steps

For HR Team:

We standardized the recruitment process for all sites and replicated it into the Emi desktop web app to follow the whole process live. In our app recruiters can:

> Connect all job boards and social media campaigns for candidates to get pre-screened via chat with Emi

> Set-up interview slots according to their availability for Emi to automatically coordinate interviews with candidates

> Execute walk-in process to gather candidate data onsite and input him/her into the hiring process automatically

> Get live analytics on source efficiency, rejection reasons, avg candidate scores, avg hiring cycle time, candidate churn, fill rate and turnover, to allocate resources based on data

We also provided the HR leadership team with detailed analytic dashboards to compare site performance and be able to act upon it.


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