Onboard Employees Easier: How to Set Up New Hires for Success

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Most talent acquisition content is focused primarily on sourcing and engagement during the recruiting process, but what about after you close a candidate?

In our previous posts, we discussed how to stand out when sourcing and hire with heart, so today we’re going to focus on the transition from candidate to employee. And in case you missed it, The Future of Frontline Recruitment, our foundational guide to high-volume hiring, will provide a complete walkthrough of how to attract, engage and onboard frontline workers in record time.

Read on for a sneak peek and download the full guide to gain access to best practices and lessons learned from Emi’s own world-class customers. So join the future of frontline recruitment, and let’s jump in!

Automate and Accelerate Employee Onboarding

It doesn’t take an expert to understand the pain points around your organization’s ability to onboard new hires. Due to unprecedented labor shortages and supply chain issues, 82% of HR professionals at large employers are working beyond capacity. 

This means that every minute wasted on manual, repetitive tasks makes the onboarding process slower and more cumbersome. This is not to say that TA teams are solely responsible for these pain points—most often, the real culprit is their legacy recruiting and HR technology that’s holding them back. 

Automation is key in reducing workloads and accelerating onboarding. Here’s how a recruiting automation platform can prevent your team from being stretched too thin.

For Candidates

Once you’ve extended offers to your new employees, it’s time to set them up for success so they feel confident and supported in their role from Day 1. There’s always a ton of paperwork to fill out and tasks to complete, but today’s solutions can fully integrate with your ATS and HR tech stack, so new hires can electronically submit signatures and employment documents.

When employees are set up for success, they ramp up faster, stay in their roles longer and become established assets in your organization.

For Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Up to 40% of frontline managers are in their first year of a leadership position, so proper training, coaching and mentoring are crucial at the onboarding stage of the hiring lifecycle.

The benefit of recruiting automation software is that it not only allows hiring managers to automatically collect candidate references, complete background checks and extend job offers, it also gives them the freedom to focus on people management and foster their leadership skills by streamlining the logistics around onboarding.

Most importantly, recruiters and managers can use custom dashboards and real-time analytics to evaluate and optimize hiring performance. This way, your team can quickly close the feedback loop and apply your insights to your currently active, open roles.

Success Story: 7-Eleven

With over 78,000 stores in 19 countries and territories, 7-Eleven is a household name around the world. In Mexico specifically, Iconn serves as the holding company for 7-Eleven’s retail convenience stores, as well as Petro-Seven gas stations, MercaDia stores, and a number of other brands and distribution centers. 

In 2020, 7-Eleven set out to centralize its HR operations in Mexico, shifting from 300 recruiters across the country to a single hub to manage hiring for 20,000 people at nearly 3,000 stores—a monumental feat of communication and coordination.

Emi’s two-way live chat solution enables 7-Eleven to manage the candidate pipeline for this new centralized hub, controlling all digital sourcing, pre-screening, interviewing scheduling and documentation. Now candidates can apply anywhere, anytime, and 7-Eleven is well-equipped to support them from start to finish. 


  • Shortened the candidate hiring cycle by 45%
  • Increased interview-to-hire rate from 40% to 60%
  • Reduced documentation collection time by 97%

“We hire candidates in less than four days, from application to hire. Emi screens candidates and coordinates between multiple stakeholders, including store managers!” ~ Beatriz Sotres, Head of Talent Management at 7-Eleven

Close Your Best Candidates With Emi

2.7 billion people80% of the world’s workers—don’t sit at a desk. These frontline workers are the lifeblood of the global economy, doing the hardest, most important work in critical industries like retail, restaurants, hospitality, manufacturing, and transportation.

Frontline workers can’t properly access professional opportunities and career growth if they don’t have adequate infrastructure to do so. But these workers have historically been forgotten and overlooked, especially by technology providers.

Most talent acquisition tools are designed for HR professionals who support desk jobs, while those who support frontline workers are left without solutions that serve their unique needs. It’s clear that frontline recruiters and talent acquisition teams need solutions specifically designed for them.

The good news is that 82% of companies in deskless industries plan to increase their spending on technology. We think it’s time that software, in particular, finally solve for one of the most significant struggles they’re facing—high-volume hiring. If you’re looking to modernize and automate your high-volume hiring, Emi is here to help.

On average, businesses that use Emi: 
  • Accelerate time-to-hire by 50%
  • Reduce employee turnover by 25%
  • Save two hours each day by eliminating manual, repetitive recruiting tasks

Download our guide to learn why the largest global brands trust Emi and request a demo to join the future of frontline recruitment.

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