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7-Eleven shifts to centralized HR operations with Emi

Iconn has become a benchmark in the Mexican retail industry with its several business units: 7-Eleven convenience stores, Petro-Seven gas stations, MercaDía stores, Bodega MAS, Mas Bakeries, distribution centers, logistics support, and retail-wholesale.


7-Eleven set 2020 as the year where they would centralize their HR operations. Their target was to shift from a 300-recruiter decentralized team spread across the whole country, to a single HUB that would manage the whole recruiting operation for their 2.780 stores. Main challenges of this shift included:


To solve this problem, we generated a 2-way chat solution for both candidates and store managers, with a tool for the central HUB to control and manage the candidate pipeline.

For candidates:

> We integrated Emi to all digital sourcing, including social network campaigns, to attract as many candidates as possible.

> We provided 24/7 Emi live chat to pre-screen candidates, coordinate their interviews with store managers, update recruiting process status, and upload required documentation.

> We built a solution to manage walk-ins, live job fairs, and other alternative conversational flows to be able to apply anywhere, anytime.

For store managers:

> We provided 24/7 live chat to set-up interviews, provide candidate feedback post-interview, and be able to get live information on candidate’s processes.

> We built a chat-based solution to gather candidate information in store for immediate hiring.

For the centralized recruiting HUB:

> We provided Emi's desktop web app to follow every candidate live, and be able to solve any issues.

> We built detailed analytics and live dashboards to understand the hiring status at a region and store level, and be able to allocate resources based on real data (there was no reliable data to do this before implementing Emi).

> We integrated with HRIS for candidate data to flow automatically when hired.


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