Attract Top Frontline Talent: How to Stand Out When Sourcing

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Two years into the global pandemic, we’re still feeling the ripple effects as the supply chains of nearly every enterprise have been impacted, but retailers, manufacturers and other frontline industries are still weathering particularly turbulent storms.

However, while much news around supply chain challenges has been focused on goods and services, the effects on the HR supply chain of hiring and retaining talent has been equally as alarming:

  • Low fill rate: There are 11 million unfilled jobs in the United States alone, “the vast majority of which are tied to a specific location and cannot be performed remotely.
  • Sourcing struggles: In 2021, 73% of companies had difficulty attracting employees, nearly three times the number from the previous year. 
  • Record-high turnover: These labor shortages are exacerbated most on the frontline where industries are suffering from triple-digit turnover rates.

As much as these issues weigh down every aspect of a business, there is a silver lining: when frontline and hourly employees are empowered to improve their working conditions and demand better treatment, it raises the bar on what’s expected to be a world-class company.

In The Future of Frontline Recruitment, our foundational guide to high-volume hiring, we focus on the unique challenges talent acquisition (TA) teams face when attracting, engaging and onboarding frontline workers—and the right solutions you need to recruit in record time.

Read on for a sneak peek and download the full guide to gain access to best practices and lessons learned from Emi’s own world-class customers. So join the future of frontline recruitment, and let’s jump in!

Make Applying to Jobs More Inviting

With so many unfilled jobs around the world, it’s safe to say that everyone is hiring. To attract top talent on the frontline, you’ll need to stand out among the crowd of companies vying for their attention. That means delivering a stellar candidate experience from the moment they click, “Apply to Job.”

Think about what the typical job search looks like today:

  • Manually entering the same information into form after form
  • Waiting days or even weeks for a response
  • Being treated like they’re nothing special, just a number in a queue

Leading TA teams know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s how we at Emi re-envision the sourcing process for everyone involved.

For Candidates

Enough with cumbersome cover letters, tedious forms and requiring job seekers to re-enter the same details already listed on their resumes. With so many companies ready to recruit them, the one that makes job searching the simplest is destined to succeed.

If you’re having trouble finding quality candidates, make your company easier to find. Roll out the red carpet and give candidates the VIP treatment by making job applications as frictionless as possible. This means giving them the ability to reach out wherever they are, whether through SMS, social media, popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and even QR codes when they’re already in your stores.

For Recruiters and Hiring Managers

The talent acquisition technology ecosystem is ever-expanding: modern solutions must not only integrate seamlessly with your company’s careers page, ATS and HRIS, but also online job boards, social media networks, team email and calendars, background check providers and so much more.

A recruiting automation platform can be the connective tissue that brings together your entire TA tech stack, so recruiters and hiring managers can automatically promote their open roles and screen applications at massive scale.

And if there’s a brand that knows scale better than anyone, it’s Burger King.

Success Story: Burger King 

As the second-largest fast-food hamburger chain in the world, Burger King understood the challenges of hiring at high-volume. In Argentina alone, each month their team received over 3,500 applications for its 180 stores. The biggest issue they faced was a lack of standardization that led to a negative experience for both job seekers and recruiters.

To standardize the hiring process and ensure no applicant slipped through the cracks, they implemented Emi’s recruiting automation platform. Now Burger King has in-store QR codes to attract new candidates, automated screening via chat, and personalized responses based on brand guidelines. Store managers save valuable time and candidates feel valued in the process—it’s a win-win.

  • 30% faster time-to-hire
  • 4x growth in candidate applications
  • 90% interview attendance rate
“Emi helped us shorten our recruitment process, decrease our early turnover and increase our number of applicants, providing a better experience for candidates all along the process.” ~ Sabrina Martins, HR Manager at Burger King

Increase Your Candidate Attraction With Emi

Odds are, if you’re reading this, you already know that frontline recruitment should be a top priority. But when you’re serving a large global enterprise, hiring is everyone’s responsibility.

Download our full guide to high-volume hiring for a deep-dive on how to attract, engage and onboard employees.

And if this guide piques your interest and you’d like to learn how to put the frontline at the forefront of your hiring strategy, please reach out and request a demo of Emi.

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