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Recruiting automation software for faster frontline hiring

Emi’s frontline recruitment automation platform helps streamline your hiring process to reduce time-to-hire and reduce application drop-off. 
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Emi is a mobile-first recruiting automation platform for frontline hiring


reduction in time-to-hire


increased productivity of HR teams


application completion rate

Frictionless high-volume recruiting

Emi’s mobile-first recruiting automation tool allows you to reach candidates where they are and identifies best-fit candidates with smart automation rules.
Candidates can complete every step of the hiring process from their phone
With Emi, candidates can apply for jobs via SMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Automate screening and interview scheduling to save time

Screen and interview the best talent faster and smarter by automating your frontline recruiting process to save 30+ minutes per candidate.

Integrate with your HR tech stack

Emi offers integration with major HR recruiting software: messaging platforms, ATS, job boards, calendars, and validation tools to sync your data across systems. 
Emi engages in personal chat with each candidate
We hire candidates in less than four days, from application to hire. Emi screens candidates and coordinates between multiple stakeholders, including store managers.”
Image of Sabrina M.
Sabrina Martins
HR Manager at Burger King


Growth in candidate applications
Emi is a flexible and intuitive platform that helped us completely transform our hiring process for frontline workers."
Image of Carla R.
Carla R.
Manager of Technology and
Efficiency of Danone


Reduction in time to first interview
Emi helped us shorten our recruitment process, decrease premature turnover, and increase our number of applicants, while providing a better experience for candidates all along the process.”
Image of Sabrina M.
Sabrina M.
HR Manager of Burger King


growth in candidate applications


Interview attendance rate

Tackle high-volume hiring with recruiting automation

Emi’s frontline recruitment automation platform offers high-volume hiring solutions to support your strategy and needs. It’s time to deliver a modern candidate experience.
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Emi delivers a superior candidate experience by using mobile communications channels