Emi vs Text to Apply: What Are The Main Differences?

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As recruitment processes are getting more complicated, hiring managers and HR professionals need efficient tools to streamline their workflow. Text recruiting software has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way for businesses to communicate with potential job candidates via text messaging. Emi, the frontline recruitment platform, is a SaaS platform that utilizes SMS texting to communicate with candidates. 

Let's walk through some of the basic terms that you'll likely come across when exploring the best recruitment software.

What is text to apply or text recruiting?

“Text to apply,” also commonly called “text recruiting,” refers to the use of automated recruiting software that utilizes text messages to communicate with job candidates. This form of recruitment process automation is designed to streamline the candidate application process, enabling job seekers to access information about open roles through their mobile devices. 

Text recruiting tools are often integrated with applicant tracking systems (ATS) to minimize how much time talent acquisition managers have to spend doing data entry for interested candidates.

For example, you may have seen flyers, ads, and commercials where an applicant is prompted to text a code to a specified job line or scan a QR code if they are interested in an open role. Once the potential candidate texts the number, they receive a web link to the relevant job posting the code is referencing, where they can apply on the company career page.

What is a recruitment automation platform?

A recruitment automation platform, also known as recruitment automation software or candidate automation software, is tech designed to help recruiters and HR teams manage the entire hiring process. This includes job posting, resume screening, scheduling interviews, and onboarding new hires. And many systems easily integrate with existing HR tech stacks, including ATSs.  

The impact of initiating a recruitment automation platform includes decreasing time to fill, cost per hire, and recruiter time spent per candidate. See how Heineken, for example, cut 10,000 hours of recruiter time spent on operational tasks by utilizing recruitment automation:

Similarities between Emi and text to apply

Emi and text to apply tools share some similarities. Both are online recruitment software that offers recruitment automation features. And both utilize SMS text as a way to encourage an increase in the number of candidates

However, that is where the similarities end. Emi’s candidate-centric platform is quite different than text to apply and other low-cost recruitment software options.

Differences between Emi and text to apply

While Emi and text to apply may seem similar on the surface, there is a multitude of differences that set them apart.

Emi is a holistic recruitment automation platform focused on streamlining operational recruiting tasks and improving frontline candidate experience. This means that it can help businesses manage the recruitment process end-to-end for both the talent acquisition team and frontline candidates. In contrast, text to apply is most often used to drive traffic to existing job boards or career pages. 

Additionally, because Emi’s experience is centralized to a single, responsive AI chatbot, the application abandonment rate plummets. With Emi, frontline recruiters like Walmart, Burger King, and KFC have experienced over 75% completion rate vs the industry standard of less than 30% completion. Unfortunately, text recruiting-specific solutions often face these same abandonment issues if it directs candidates to a cumbersome application.

Overall, while text to apply tools can be a helpful tool for businesses looking to reach out to candidates quickly and easily, it may not be enough for HR teams' long-term growth goals.

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Benefits of Emi over text to apply

Emi is a comprehensive recruitment automation platform with a responsive AI chatbot, not just a text to apply tool. While text recruiting software focuses on driving candidates to job web pages, Emi goes beyond that by streamlining the entire recruitment process. This automation not only saves time for recruiters and hiring managers but also improves the overall quality of hires.

Additionally, Emi integrates seamlessly with existing applicant tracking systems (ATS), making it easy to incorporate into existing recruitment workflows. This integration ensures that candidate information is organized and easily accessible, reducing the chances of a candidate falling through the cracks.

Furthermore, Emi offers advanced support for talent teams, such as automated resume screening, interview scheduling, document gathering, and candidate onboarding. By utilizing the holistic approach of Emi’s recruitment automation platform, businesses can ensure timely and efficient communication with candidates, improving engagement and reducing the likelihood of candidates ghosting them or accepting offers from other companies.

Overall, Emi provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for recruitment automation, surpassing the capabilities of traditional text to apply tools. With Emi, businesses can automate tasks, improve communication with candidates, and ultimately make better hiring decisions. By leveraging the power of Emi, organizations can streamline their recruitment processes, save time and resources, and secure top talent for their teams.

How holistic recruitment automation helps the whole business

The benefits of recruitment automation expand beyond just hiring processes. Implementing the best recruitment software for a talent team can make a measurable impact on overall efficiency, employee satisfaction, and internal retention. Recruitment automation software also impacts the overall business. Better quality hires lead to higher rates of retention, a decrease in the number of vacant positions, and an improvement in work distribution.

Additionally, automated recruitment software improves the candidate experience. With features like automatic scheduling and interview reminders, candidates receive timely and personalized communication, enhancing their engagement with the company. This positive experience not only increases the likelihood of candidates accepting job offers but also improves the post-90-day retention rate. Satisfied employees are more likely to stay with a company long-term and refer other talented individuals, contributing to a strong and engaged workforce.

Moreover, recruitment automation provides valuable data and insights. By utilizing automated systems, HR teams can gather data on recruitment metrics, such as time to fill and cost per hire. This data can be used to identify areas for improvement, optimize recruitment strategies, and evaluate tactic effectiveness. 

Overall, recruitment automation supports business growth by helping talent acquisition teams build the foundation all organizations require: people.

Looking for more than just text to apply?

Emi is the responsive recruiting automation platform built for mobile-first frontline hiring. The largest global brands, like Walmart, Burger King, Danone, and Heineken, trust Emi to enable a quality candidate experience with intelligent screening, automated interview scheduling, and personalized engagement and onboarding. 

With Emi, frontline recruiters and hiring managers can fill high-volume roles fast—without the friction. See Emi in action by requesting your demo today!

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