Sigma, the multinational food company, joins Emi

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We’re thrilled to announce that, following a successful pilot with the leading food company in the Mexican city of Monterrey, we’ll be expanding operations nationwide to transform Sigma’s recruitment processes at scale.

Sigma is a global leader in the food industry, thanks to its broad portfolio of +50 brands in the categories of dairy and packaged meats, including San Rafael, La Villita, Campofrío, and Bar-S.

The company, which owns 210 distribution centers and 70 plants, employs over 45.000 people worldwide and operates in 18 countries across Latin America, Europe, and the US.

The main objectives we’re addressing in our collaboration deal are the following:

  1. Reduce Sigma’s time-to-hire
  2. Minimize the plant staffs’ early turnover
  3. Increase candidates’ satisfaction
  4. Digitize Sigma’s recruitment, providing KPIs and streamlining processes to allow recruiters to focus on high value-added tasks.

After a successful 3-month pilot in Monterrey’s plants and distribution centers, on which we managed to save +1000 hours of Sigma’s HR team and process +3600 candidates, we’ll roll-out operations nationwide, implementing Emi in all their Mexican operative facilities with a headcount above 100.

The roll-out will be carried out progressively by geographic regions, expecting Sigma’s 35 recruiters to be fully onboard and using Emi by the end of the year.

To accomplish the goals mentioned above, we’re carrying out these initiatives:

  • Implementation of Emi on Sigma’s highest volume roles: plant operators and store salespersons.
  • In-plant QR codes to digitalize offline applications on the spot.
  • Links to social media to offer multi-channel candidate engagement.
  • Automatic candidate screening and filtering vía chat interface, enabling candidates to apply to a job posting at their moment of choice.
  • Candidates’ smart plant allocation based on their geolocalization, commuting times, and distance to each plant.
  • Automated interview scheduling with shortlisted candidates, with tips and reminders for candidates prior to the interviews.
  • Candidate communication and outreach, keeping candidates informed about their application status during the recruitment process.
  • Conduct satisfaction surveys with hired candidates to measure their experience.

We’re excited to take up this challenge and keep transforming Sigma’s recruiting processes!

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