How COVID-19 is changing recruiting

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COVID-19 is changing the world. From the way we live, to how we travel and how we communicate. All industries are facing uncertainty for the future and wonder about the “new normal”, and recruiting is no different. Let’s deep dive into the main HR trends powered by the COVID-19 pandemic that are here to stay:

Remote workers are on the rise:

Remote work became a necessity when the pandemic stroke. Switching to working remotely was the only way for most organizations to keep their businesses running, among lockdown and social distancing.

Even though remote work may have only been on candidate and employee wish lists long before COVID-19, many companies are now also finding it beneficial and are planning to stay 100% remote after COVID-19.

Many other companies will most likely adopt a mixed scheme, organizing their workforces to split between remote work and in-office work to ensure social distance in the workspace.

Mixed workspaces are on the rise
As most companies had to shut down temporarily, remote work enabled them to keep their operations running.

In either case, remote work is becoming the new normal and is changing candidate expectations, becoming a decisive factor for some candidates when applying to a job. Companies that don’t embrace remote work will most likely be in a disadvantageous position when attracting new talent.

With all this in mind, companies’ recruitment strategies will need to have a hiring process in place for remote workers, and companies will need to have a dedicated budget for investing in technology to support this, which takes us to the second major trend: investing in HR technologies.

HR tech plays a crucial role

To support a remote work environment, companies need to invest in agile technologies, especially when it comes to HR. As more of the workforce is working from home indefinitely, HR is relying heavily on new practices such as video interviewing, which leads them to reevaluate or leverage the technology they are using, to be able to keep working efficiently and effectively on the long run.

Recruitment technology has never been more essential than it is today. Since in-person interviews aren’t an option today, processes are shifting toward digital recruitment approaches as a go-to method to keep hiring processes moving while also protecting recruiters and candidates.

Because of this, companies nowadays are finding themselves more willing to invest in technology. In a way, the pandemic has accelerated the igital transformation. Technology is becoming a must-have, instead of a “nice to have” or a long-term company project.

This applies especially to industries that were most affected by COVID-19, like restaurants and auto parts manufacturing. These companies will eventually need to rehire at scale and with speed to rebuild their workforces, and the only way to accomplish their hiring needs will be by relying on technology and automation.

Implementing technology-based HR solutions like Emi provides transparency and KPIs to the recruitment process, enabling companies not only to keep their operations running but also to seize opportunities to streamline their recruiting processes. It’s been proved that the first steps of the hiring process can easily be carried out remotely (leaving in-person interviews with candidates for last), which allows companies to reduce their time to hire and recruiting costs.

Ultimately, companies who fail to adopt technology will be left behind and will see their employer brand impacted, as candidates are now expecting a certain level of experience when applying to a job and appreciate tech-savvy organizations. This leads us to the third and final point:

Investing in employer branding is more important than ever

Companies need to develop and maintain a strong employer brand these days. Being empathetic is especially critical today because candidates will remember how companies responded during this time of crisis, which may influence their decisions when choosing their next employer.

Working from home is on the rise
Candidates are prioritizing values like stability and flexibility when looking for a job

On top of that, we’re already seeing a shift in candidates’ mindsets and behaviors. Candidates look for companies that align with their values, and these have been shifting with the strike of COVID-19. Stability and work flexibility are becoming candidates’ priorities over other aspects when looking for a job.

Companies that take this time to respond correctly to the crisis and act towards promoting those values, not to mention open up on diversity in the workplace, will be more likely to succeed.

And creating meaningful relationships and connections with candidates today will result in a competitive advantage, especially for those companies that will need to rehire quickly and at scale once the pandemic ends.

Get ready now for the post-COVID-19 recruitment

In the end, the organizations that will come out stronger are the ones able to pivot quickly. It’s the perfect time for companies to plan and get ready for the market’s recovery. Automation, speed, and a strong employer brand will be vital at this point.

But before investing in new tools or redesigning your whole recruitment strategy, it’s important to examine COVID-19’s impact on each industry and each company’s reality.

Asking yourself these questions is a good way to start:

  1. How’s COVID-19 impacting your industry?
  2. How’s it impacting your business? Will you need to hire a high number of people in a short time? Will you need to handle your recruitment with a small team of recruiters?
  3. Has your company shifted towards remote work during the pandemic? Is remote work meant to stay or is it only a temporary solution for your company?

Many companies are already embracing the change, investing in HR technologies, and transforming their recruiting processes.

The future is uncertain, nobody knows exactly how the “new normal” will look like, but these trends are here to stay. So move fast, question and adapt your recruiting processes, and get ready for what’s to come!

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