[Podcast] Recruiting in Focus: 2024 Trends Shaping Frontline Talent Acquisition

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In the latest episode of TalentCulture's #WorkTrends podcast, Emi's CEO and Co-Founder, Mateo, provides a deep dive into the changing landscape of frontline recruiting. 

The episode, titled "How Is Frontline Recruiting Changing? Top Trends for 2024," sheds light on the challenges, strategies, and key takeaways for talent acquisition and hiring leaders. Let's explore the highlights of this insightful conversation.

The meaning of frontline worker

Frontline workers, or individuals who work in deskless, hourly roles, constitute over 50% of the US workforce, operating in industries like logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, and retail. Due to limited access to technology and traditional talent acquisition strategies, they often remain invisible in the digital landscape.

The DNA of the frontline workforce

The key to reaching and retaining frontline talent lies in understanding the unique attributes of these employees. Beyond demographics, it involves recognizing their skill sets, backgrounds, and aspirations. Mateo elaborates on this crucial aspect, emphasizing the importance of going beyond surface-level job descriptions.

Frontline recruiting benchmarks first-look

Mateo discusses the insight derived from Emi’s original research of frontline candidate behaviors and expectations. This report, “2024 Frontline Recruiting Benchmarks for Talent Acquisition Leaders,” leverages data from over 3 million candidate interactions. 

The report aims to shift paradigms in understanding and engaging with frontline workers, providing context for talent acquisition leaders to measure success and develop hiring strategies.

Techniques and technologies for high-volume hiring

Organizations are leveraging analytics and recruitment automation to streamline hiring processes. Recruitment automation, including tasks like resume screening and interview scheduling, saves time while ensuring consistency.

Tune in #WorkTrends today!

Emi's #WorkTrends podcast episode provides invaluable insights for talent acquisition and hiring leaders, guiding them in adapting to the evolving landscape of frontline recruitment. 

Listeners can expect practical guidance on how to plan for this year and beyond. From the significance of quality over quantity in applications to the use of conversion rate analysis for refining recruitment strategies to embracing the power of digital transformation.

By understanding the unique characteristics of frontline workers, tailoring recruitment strategies, and embracing digital transformation, organizations can revolutionize their approach to hiring and onboarding frontline talent.

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