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Imperfect Foods doubles the number of offers made while reducing 50% the time to hire

Imperfect Foods is a high-growth company founded in 2015 with the mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone. Imperfect offers a weekly grocery delivery service of a full lineup of sustainable, affordable products that make the weekly chore of grocery shopping an effortless and delightful experience.


With exponential growth in 2020, Imperfect Foods faced several challenges to fill all the new open positions they needed to operate their facilities:


For candidates:

24/7 chat via SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp with Emi, integrated to all digital -online job boards & social networks- and offline -flyers, QR codes, referral program - sources of candidates for the Imperfect team to be able to attract people to their hiring process. Through their chat with Emi, candidates:

> Are pre-screened for different positions in the facility

> Coordinate interviews with Emi according to their availability

> Receive recommendations and reminders about their interviews

> Get reassigned to another position if Emi believes there is a better fit for them in the company

> Receive updates and responses on how the process goes whether it's positive or negative

> Receive reminders for them to sign their Offer Letter and come in the 1st day


For HR Team:

The HR team operates a standardized recruitment process through the Emi desktop web app, which allows them to follow the whole process live. In the app, the HR team can:

> Set-up interview slots according to the Hiring Managers´ availability for Emi to coordinate with candidates

> Access the list of former Imperfect´s employees interested in re-applying, and decide whether advance them in the process

> Approve or reject the interview feedback provided by Hiring Managers directly to Emi via SMS

> Follow candidates in each step of the hiring process

> Get live analytics on source efficiency, rejection reasons, avg hiring cycle time, candidate churn, to allocate resources based on data


For Hiring Managers:

24/7 live chat with Emi via SMS to: 

> Receive automated reminders about the interviews scheduled;

> Check the information of candidates confirmed;

> Provide candidate feedback after the interview.


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