Welcome aboard, Iconn!

Thanks to our recent collaboration deal with Iconn, the owner of 7-Eleven convenience stores in Mexico, we’ll be implementing Emi in all their workplace centers and transforming their recruitment process.

Iconn is the holding company for 7-Eleven Mexico, Petro-Seven gas stations and MercaDía stores, and provides logistics support and retail-wholesale through MAS Bodega y Logística. Iconn has become not only a benchmark in the retail industry in the northeastern region of Mexico but also a national leader for generating more than 22,000 jobs with presence in 17 States of Mexico.

The main goal will be to structure Iconn’s recruitment process, providing organization and efficiency along with real-time analytics to a complex and results-driven hiring process (+30k annual hires). Apart from that, we’ll be focusing on reducing the time-to-hire and increasing the staff occupation rates, improving candidates’ experience throughout the process, and enhancing Iconn’s employer brand.

As part of the project, we’ll assist both the Hiring Managers and HR Recruiters to carry out their daily recruiting tasks, starting with the workplace centers located in Nuevo Leon.

This includes:

  1. Candidate screening: Emi will chat with all the candidates interested in working at Iconn and explain the job positions, and will then shortlist candidates for each position based on their profiles.
  2. Candidate geolocalization:Emi will assign candidates to their optimal Iconn workplace centers, taking into account not only their address, distance, and commuting times, but also the staff needs in each workplace center and their turnover. This will give priority to critical workplace centers to fill their vacancies.
  3. In-person interview scheduling: Emi will coordinate interviews with shortlisted candidates, keeping Hiring Managers informed. As a result, Hiring Managers will be able to minimize the amount of time they dedicate to scheduling and carrying out interviews, tasks that are not core to their mission.
  4. Candidates communication and outreach: Emi will keep candidates informed of their application status and will answer FAQs about the position or company, through friendly and personalized communication.

We’re very excited about the challenge and we’re thankful to Iconn for their trust!

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